Handcrafted Cookie Cutters

Handcrafted from quality plated steel. Hundreds of designs for all occasions.

Our Story

The Little Fox Factory has been making uniquely designed, handcrafted metal cookie cutters for more than 40 years. It was originally founded in 1972 by the husband and wife team of Ed and Mary Fox. The business is now carried on by Mary and son Kevin Kohls.

The cutters are made entirely by hand from quality flat sheet metal and securely soldered with lead-free solder so they will not come apart. Our cutters are hand wrapped around molds that allow for intricate designs that hold their shape and are very durable. We have hundreds of designs from which to choose.

In the Press

We are currently collaborating with ArtGirl Cookies, a New York based Company that creates decorated cookies for people such as Dean & Deluca, Tiffany & Co., Ralph Lauren/Polo, Prada, etc. ArtGirl Cookies prides itself in creating the freshest, all natural cookies made with the finest ingredients. First, ArtGirl Cookies designs all of its own cookies, then makes its cutters entirely by hand, then decorates each and every cookie by hand as well. An old Art, with New ideas! Cookie cutters of our famous designs are now available to the public that are handcrafted with heirloom quality, and also made entirely in the US! The decorated cookies are available at

These cookie cutters are available on this web site. Go to the cookie cutters link and then to Collectible.

Decorated cookie photos courtesy of ArtGirl Cookies.

We have been featured in many magazines including Better Homes & Gardens, Southern Living, Midwestern Living, Ladies Home Journal, Successful Farmer, Taste of Home, Country Woman, Western Horseman, Ohio Magazine, Sugarbaker's Cookbook, Woman's Day, and Family Circle.

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The White House Christmas 2005: Cookie Cutters designed by The Little Fox Factory. HGTV (Home Garden Television) a cable television network in the USA ran several viewings of the exclusive footage of this year's decorations at the White House. HGTV went inside 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. to join dozens of decorators, artisans, staffers and volunteers as they checked the First Family's house for the holiday. Thanks to Aria Crooks and Susan Betz who spotted the two cookie cutters and wondered who the Tinsmith might have been. They found out "The Little Fox Factory" made the cutters for the White House. They were so inquisitive that Susan even sent a note to the "First Lady" and asked her where the cutters had come from. No answer has been received as yet.

Ed and Kevin from "The Little Fox Factory" made the cutters that were shown in the White House Christmas 2005 special. According to Mary Fox "Chef Roland was shopping in Virginia at a little specialty shop the Foxes supply with a few cutters. He found the Scottie and Westie and purchased them to make cookies, I believe for the Bush twins' birthday, if I remember correctly. I asked Bonnie, the shop owner that if he came in again would he share his business card, which he did! No doubt when Chef Thaddeus came on board as the new chef he had no idea where the cutters came from!" Mary says, "I watched the show several times. Shown here are the Scottie and Westie cookie cutters that can be found for sale in the Dog section of this web site.

*Cookie Collector Club Editor note-30,000 gingerbread cookies were baked and decorated in the shapes of snowflakes, the 3 "First Pets", Barney, Beazley and Willie the Kitty. The cookies were served and eaten during various special functions at the White House. Some of the cookies were attached with red ribbons which were hung on the two private Christmas trees in the rooms of President and Mrs. Bush.

All rights reserved. Decorated cookies not for sale. For display purposes only. Decorated Cookies and Metal Cutters Photo Credit: Productions Photo Studio.

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